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Master of Science (MS)


Family Consumer Human Development

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Don C. Carter


Don C. Carter


The purpose of this thesis was to examine children's perceptions of parens as these are related to the child's social class background.

Four pictures from the Tasks of Emotional Development Test were administered individually to a sample of 60 fourth grade children from two Ogden, Utah, Public schools, These picture tasks were intended to encourage subjects to project their perceptions toward parents specific to the pictorial situation.

The findings of this study seemed to indicate a tendency toward differences between middle and lower class children in their perceptions of parents. Middle class children were shown to obtain higher maturity scores in their perceptions of three pictorial tasks plus higher total maturity scores than children of the lower class. Lower class children obtained higher maturity scores for one picture task (acceptance of limits from adults).

Differences between boys and girls in their perceptions toward parents were not found to be supported by the statistical data. only one picture (Separation from mother) showed a significant difference between boys and girls at the .05 level.