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Master of Science (MS)


Family Consumer Human Development

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Carroll C. Lambert


Carroll C. Lambert


Don C. Carter


The effect of tutorial instruction was studied as it influences number concept development in preschool children. The research was conducted in the Logan and Providence areas of Cache County, Utah, with 24 non-preschool four-year-old children. Twelve of the children were given tutorial experience through the use of children's flannel board stories written by the author. The stories were developed to t each the number concepts of not first or last, second, third, pair, and Medium sized.

It was found that the 12 children who received tutorial experiences significantly increased in score on the Boehm Test of Basic Concepts from the pre-test to the first post-test, and further, that there was a slight but insignificant loss of knowledge after a six-week waiting period on the number concepts taught. The control group, which received no tutorial experience, made no significant gain in score on any of the tests.

The findings also indicated that there was no significant difference between boys and girls on their ability to learn and retain number concepts. The control group boys made a slight gain in score from the pre-test to the second post-test that was unrelated to any tutorial experience.