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Master of Science (MS)


Human Development and Family Studies

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Family and Human Development

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Brent C. Miller


Brent C. Miller


The purpose of this study was not to judge the rightness or wrongness of Planned Parenthood. It is an empirical question to ask what influence, if any, Planned Parenthood has had on reproductive behavior in the State of Utah. This was accomplished by gathering data from each county in the State of Utah from 1970 to 1979. The data gathered were for the five dependent variables of General Fertility, General Abortion, General Illegitimacy, Teen Fertility and Teen Illegitimacy. A mean rate for each county and variable was computed. Each county was also weighed per population so as to give counties with large populations more weight than counties with small populations. A comparison of the rates in counties with Planned Parenthood and counties without Planned Parenthood was then made. It was noted that counties with Planned Parenthood had higher rates for each variable except General Fertility which was lower than counties without Planned Parenthood. But the differences were not of a significant level. In most cases the differences already existed before Planned Parenthood was established.