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Master of Science (MS)


Family, Consumer, and Human Development


Thomas R. Lee


This study was designed to assess the concurrent validity of the Family Profile II (FPII). The FPII is an instrument designed to measure 13 areas of family functioning. Matches for II of the 13 subscales of the FPII were identified from the literature. These comparison subscales were used to confirm the concurrent validity of the FPII. The sample consisted of 229 undergraduate students enrolled in summer classes at Utah State University. The factor structure of the FPII was also assessed. Four of the 13 subscales factored exactly as previously reported. Five factored with only minimal differences. The remaining four subscales were substantially different. All of the correlations between the FPII subscales and the comparison subscales were statistically significant. Five of the pairs shared 42% or more of their variance. Results indicate that the FPII has promise as an easy-to-score-and-interpret measure of the 13 aspects of family functioning it assesses.