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Master of Science (MS)


Human Development and Family Studies

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Family and Human Development

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Scot M. Allgood


Scot M. Allgood


Brent Miller


This research sought to identify factors that might be useful in helping to predict family strengths in families caring for a child with a disability. Based on the ABCX model designed for families in crisis, this research examined severity of child's disability (A); the family's existing resources of household income, education of the mother, and mother's marital status (B); the family's perception of family resources, family support, and parenting stress (C); and how these influence family strength (X) over time. In relation to the ABCX model, it was hypothesized that the aforementioned constructs would be associated with each other, and would significantly predict family strengths.

Results did not support the overall predictive value of severity of child's disability, household income, education of mother, or mother's marital status toward family strength. However, results indicated that the predictive value of the perception of family resources, family support, and parenting stress did explain variability in family strengths as measured by the Family Functioning Style Scale.