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Master of Science (MS)


Family Consumer Human Development

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Jay D. Schvaneveldt


Jay D. Schvaneveldt


Jay Skidmore


The purpose of this research was to develop a self-evaluating instrument to assess family and social values . It can be used individually or in small group s of students at the senior high school or Junior college level . The variables rated are: familial, religious, sexual, and social values. The instrument is self-scoring and a schema is provided at the end of the test booklet to ind1cate the pattern of values as they are compared to the median or average scheme for the instrument.

The 36 items in the scale are responded to by a forced choice design of alternate answer boxes which appear under different combinations of value variables . An intensity of response is measured in the form of alternates ranging from zero to three. Each item must total to three points . This method of responding to the items produces data that are curvilinear; therefore, advanced factorial analysis of items is necessary to determine the exact nature of data that might be collected from such an instrument. Hence, the instrument is limited for research purposes . However, it is not limited for use as an individual or self-administering evaluative tool . The interdependent nature of the values can be studied by the individual and the instrument becomes a valuable teaching device.

A pretest situation involving 100 lower-division students at Utah State University reported the following results . The mean on the familial variable was highest, the intensity and frequency of response was greatest on the familial variable, and the intercorrelations on each variable ranged no lower than r = .59 to a high of r = .78. As a classroom tool, the Cole Scale of Values developed in this study should prove helpful for use in teaching concepts related to individual conceptions of familial and social values. Because of the interdependent nature of responses, and the indiscrete nature of any data collected from it, this instrument is only recommended for research when suitable methods of analysis are used.