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Master of Science (MS)


Family, Consumer, and Human Development


Randall Jones


This study evaluated task resolution for Erik so n's first four psychosocial stages, and overall psychosocial maturity, as predictors of risk in elementary school children Sample groups consisted of children already identified by their schools as being "at-risk," and children from the same schools identified as "not-at-risk'' Subjects completed a revised version of the Erikson Psychosocial Inventory Scale measuring trust, autonomy, initiative, and industry, as well as measures of self-esteem and school commitment. The not-at-risk group had substantially higher mean scores than the at-risk group in all the subscales. Correlation coefficients indicated strong relationships between psychosocial task resolution and predictors of risk, with overall psychosocial maturity explain ing 66% of the shared variance for self-esteem. Discriminant analyses revealed that measures of psychosocial maturity were strong predictors of risk for children.