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Master of Science (MS)


Family, Consumer, and Human Development


Jay D. Schvaneveldt


In this study, 96 children from Thailand were interviewed using the 30-item Parent-Affinity Perception Scale. Children from four age groups (preschool, first graders, third graders, and sixth graders) were asked to choose either "Mother" or " Father" as a response for this questionnaire.

Children's perceptions of affinity in relationship with their parents and their parental preference were studied. The children were to select which parent they would prefer in three categories: (1) as a companion in activities that were physical or social, (2) who they would go to for help in personal or moral needs, and (3) for various activity destinations.

The results showed a preference for "Mother" over "Father" on a majority of the questions. Boys and girls selected "Mother" for more of the items overall, except for physical activity where "Father" was chosen. When comparing all of the age groups, "Mother" was selected as the preferred parent in all instances except for the sixth-grade boys.