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Master of Science (MS)


Family Consumer Human Development

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Gerald R. Adams


Gerald R. Adams


Brent C. Miller


A sub-sample of 814 nonvirgin, adolescent females was drawn from the 1979 U. S. National Survey of Young Women in order to study the correlates of age at first sexual intercourse. This sample was analyzed using a conceptual model developed from past research, as well as some intuitively interesting associations meriting investigation.

Multiple regression procedures were used in analysis of variables by block. In the block analysis several variables were found to predict age at first sexual intercourse. These variables included all the control variables (respondent's age, race, religion, and age at menarche), household income, ideal age for first marriage, ideal age for first birth, and enjoyment of dangerous activities.

The control variables were found to account for a major portion of the variance in the model. Of the controls, chronological age and age at menarche were highly significant across all the models tested. The significant independent variables in the model were total household income, ideal age for marriage and ideal age at first birth, however, these three variables accounted for a small proportion of the total variance in the model, net of controls.