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Master of Science (MS)



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Industrial Management

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C. D. McBride


C. D. McBride


The United States is a growing nation; it is also an industrial nation. In the past century the spinning wheel has given way to the large clothing mills; a great network of miles and miles of electric power lines has replaced the kerosene lamp and provided power for work that was for years done by hand. Small horse-drawn earth moving equipment has given way to giant motor-driven bulldozers and transportation has progressed from the pony express and stagecoach to the huge trans-ocean airliners that make any spot on the globe only a matter of hours away. In like manner colleges have grown from units with one or two buildings and a meager handful of students to the modern campus with many buildings and thousands of students. These are to mention only a few of the changes. The United States is proud of its growth, proud of its industrial accomplishments, and is proud of its schools and colleges and the educational opportunities afforded to its citizens.