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Master of Science (MS)


Family, Consumer, and Human Development


Scot M. Allgood


This research study consisted of eighty-six pairs (young adult and his or her parent) of participants recruited from freshman and sophomore classes in two Northern Utah Universities. The parents ages ranged from 36-80 and the young adult children's ages ranged from 16-25. This research project examined the participants' demographics, marital satisfaction (of the parents), attitudes toward marriage, attitudes toward divorce, and attitudes toward marital counseling.

Three paired t tests were used to determine whether attitudes toward marriage, divorce, and marital counseling were the same for young adult children and their parents. Multiple regression equations were used to determine what effects multiple variables (parental divorce rate and attitudes toward marriage, divorce, and marital counseling, young adult children's age, gender, and willingness to attend marital counseling in the future) have on young adult children's attitudes toward marriage, divorce, and marital counseling.