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Master of Science (MS)


Kinesiology and Health Science

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Physical Education

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Lincoln McClellan


Lincoln McClellan


Dale O. Nelson


King Hendricks


Edwin L. Peterson


The junior college athletic program at College of Southern Utah commenced in 1923. The facilities were barely satisfactory, and the construction of better facilities began in 1926. A new gymnasium was constructed and was rated as one of the better facilities in the state. The football stadium was relocated in 1928 and constructed almost entirely by donated labor , materials and equipment from community residents. A new and larger gymnasium was constructed in 1949.

Football was inaugrated in 1928 on a full-time basis and has maintained this status, except during World War II The College of Southern Utah won the league championship only once and never did go through a season undefeated.

Basketball was always the big s port, having its beginning in 1923. The basketball teams won the league title for many years and went on to higher honors by winning the intermountain championship and participating in the Western States Tournaments. On one occasion, a basketball team entered the National Junior College Tournament and placed sixth.

Wrestling was tried on several occasions, but it failed to take hold and was not permanent until 1959. This team won the league championship.

Baseball was sporadic because of the unpredictable spring weather, and did not become a strong program until 1950. The team of 1963 finished in third place in the National Junior College Tournament.

Track and field had little success until 1946. The teams from 1946 to 1951 did not lose a dual meet and won the conference championship each year, a league record.

Tennis was a hit and miss sport and never did obtain a full schedule.

Eleven men have served as head coach at College of Southern Utah with the first six serving alone and handling all the coaching duties. The coaching duties were split and two coaches were hired in 1946, one for football and one for basketball. This policy has remained constant since then.