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Master of Arts (MA)


Economics and Finance

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Leonard J. Arrington


As an Italian, with less than a year in the Western Hemisphere, I now find myself with a “mixed” personality. As someone else expressed it, " I am physically Italian, Latin American by adoption, and gaily American. This may well be a good combination for writing a thesis on Latin America. My "Latin blood" may help me in understanding the mentality of the people of Latin America, while my studies in Italy--a country with a long experience as an underdeveloped country- -may contribute toward a personal understanding of the problems of poverty, social injustice, and political instability. Three months of experience in Mexico, at the Utah State University "branch;' in Mexico City, permitted first-hand observation of the problems, and direct contact with some of the people who are trying to resolve them. Finally, having been a student at Utah State University has improved my understanding of the great tradition of freedom in the United States. It also stimulated personal reflections on democracy that add much to my philosophy of life. This opportunity, added to a very pleasant and serene life in a delightful region in the West, make me sincerely and profoundly grateful to the people of Utah.



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