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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Industrial Education

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Austin Loveless


Austin Loveless


Aptitude and achievement data of students detained at the Utah State Industrial School were studied in order to establish occupational aptitude patterns to serve as guidelines in the formation of a vocational educational curriculum at the institution.

Based on scores attained on the California Achievement test, the total group sample was found to be retarded 3.7 years in achievement level, compared to norms established by this instrument. Based on the scores attained on the General Aptitude Test Battery, the total group sample was found to be significantly below the norms established by this instrument in aptitudes relating to intelligence, verbal, numerical, and clerical perception, and above average norms in manual dexterity and form perception.

Occupational aptitude patterns were established from the General Aptitude Test Battery, and it was determined that 60 percent of the student sample group could qualify for seven of these occupational aptitude patterns.

Based on established occupational aptitude patterns and other extenuating factors, the type of vocational education curriculum which was suggested for the Utah State Industrial School was a general vocational curriculum with stress on vocational guidance and a well defined work experience program.



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