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Master of Science (MS)


Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

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Secondary Education


Ellvert H. Himes


The majority of high school dropouts read below the grade level at which they dropped out; nearly half read at or below the sixth-grade level. Students who " ... learn to read better are usually able to do better work in their subjects of study." Major authorities concur that maturity of reading achievement is crucial to success in college. Th e student whose reading instruction ceased with elementary school may find he is ". . . no better reader at the end of senior high school than he was when he entered high school." Developmental reading for all types of students can be a deciding factor in their future. Conant states that it should be available on a voluntary basis " ... for all the pupils in the school. The counselors and teachers of English should . . . urge students to take advantage of the opportunity .... " Such programs are specifically check listed in The Evaluative Criteria for Junior High Schools.



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