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Master of Science (MS)


Kinesiology and Health Science

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Health, Physical Education and Recreation

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Lanny J. Nalder


Lanny J. Nalder


A survey was performed to compare basic health education knowledge between sophomore students at Utah State University and sophomore students at the University of Utah. This was performed through the use of a questionnaire consisting of 40 questions covering the following eight areas of prominence in health education:

1. Alcohol and tobacco

2. Community health and communicable disease

3. Consumer health

4. Drugs and narcotics

5. Food fads and medical quackery

6. Mental health

7. Personal health

8. Sex education

This questionnaire was administered through the mail to 250 randomly selected students at the two universities. When responses were received they were scored and keypunched on IBM-5080 cards. The cards were then processed through the IBM-350 Model 44 computer using Analysis of Variance and the Quest Program. Computation of student "T 11 scores verified that students at the University of Utah were superior in health knowledge at the .05 level of significance based on the one tailed test.

The University of Utah last year required a basic health education class of all freshmen. At Utah State University such a class is not required or even offered. The f act that University of Utah students were superior verified that positive learning of health education did increase through specific instruction.