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Master of Science (MS)


Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

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Lincoln H. McClellan


Lincoln H. McClellan


H. Dale Rasmussen


Eldon M. Drake


The purpose of this study was to determine if cross-country is a desirable sport for the Utah High School Activities Association to include as an interscholastic sport.

In order to determine practices, standards, and regulations of a desirable cross-country program, reasons for not including cross-country, and what the status of c ross-country is in Utah, questionnaires were sent to the states having a state sanctioned cross-country program , the states that do not have a state sanctioned cross-country program, and the track coaches in Utah.

From the data received , the following conclusions were made: (a) cross-country is a growing sport, across the nation and in Utah, (b) the cross-country program which is being conducted in the high schools of Utah at the present time is following some of the examples set by the states having an approved program, (c) there are certain standards and regulations which are being followed by the states across the nation that should be incorporated into Utah's program if administered by the Utah High School Activities Association, and (d) the Utah High School Activities Association should approve cross-country as an interscholastic sport.