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S. George Ellsworth


In the administration of justice in the Territory of Utah the United States marshal served an important role, especially because of the conflict between Mormons and non- Mormons. The marshal was an officer of the federal court, and as such he served warrants, obtained witnesses, helped select jurors , conducted executions upon order of the court, collected the census, served as warden of the territorial penitentiary, and in addition. performed many minute and tedious duties.

While the fir s t Uni ted States marshal in Utah was Mormon, all others were non-Mormon and most were recruited from outside the territory. In general, they were capable men, though appointed out of political consideration.

During the anti-Mormon crusade, from 1874 to 1890 , the United States marshal was directly involved in prosecutions under the Anti-Bigamy Law of 1862, the Poland Act, the Edmunds and Edmunds-Tucker Act. Notwithstanding the heated controversies there were no killings by United States marshals in Utah, though there was one by a deputy marshal.

Each marshal is studied in turn, giving biographical information with an account of the main activities in which each was engaged.



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