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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Marketing and Strategy

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Business Administration

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Glenn F. Marston


Glenn F. Marston


The general attitude of the faculty and staff was assessed through the questionnaires distributed to all fulltime employees of Utah State University. Their feelings regarding supervision, work recognition, communication, physical facilities, job satisfaction and their attitude toward the administration were reflected by their response.

The over-all campus attitude seems to be good. The areas of supervision and work recognition received the most favorable replies. Downward communications, or communications from the administration to the employee. received more negative response than reactions to upward channels of communication.

The personal comments and opinions submitted contain valuable insight into t he general attitude of the Utah State University staff. The positive feeling regarding apparent academic freedom is evident in this study. Fringe benefits have been steadily improving over the last few years1 this seems to be a source of considerable employee satisfaction.

A need exists to reduce "red tape" in financial procedures. It is evident that the faculty desire that the service areas become more conscious of their role as it relates to the academic function in supporting and serving student and faculty needs.



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