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Master of Science (MS)


Applied Economics

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Agricultural Economics

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B. Delworth Gardner


B. Delworth Gardner


Information on Water Conservancy Districts in Utah was collected by mail and personal visits to district offices. There are a total of 12 districts in Utah, but only five were selling water in 1965. The water development projects of the remaining seven were not finished. Some of the districts are small and consolidation would bring them many advantages of large scale operation.

The success of the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District was evaluated from the point of view of economic efficiency. Insistence on long term contract, adherence to water duty requirements set by the Bureau of Reclamation, inability to sell water on land acreages larger than 160 acres, pricing based on costs of producing and distributing water, and disallowing resale or transfer of water rights were hindrances to the efficient allocation of water.

High projections of demand, high prices, and salt content in the water were impediments to the District in selling all water available.