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Master of Science (MS)


Economics and Finance

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International trade theory suggests that trade can be advantageous to the industrial as well as to the underdeveloped countries. For the latter, specialization and exchange brings about an increase in total productions.

Thailand, an underdeveloped country, has for the past decade experienced an unfavorable balance of trade. A primary producing country, Thailand principally exports rice, rubber, tin, and teak. Her principal imports are manufactured goods, machinery and transport equipment, mineral fuels, lubricants and chemicals.

The thesis is intended to investigate the causes of this adverse balance of trade. Thailand's four principal exports accounted for an average of 74.7 percent of the total export income during the past decade, while the four major import items comprised an average of 77.1 percent of the total imports.

Attempts will be made to examine Thailand's potential in agricultural and non-agricultural resources as well as in human resources and to examine the possibility of expanding agricultural export commodities in order to correct the unfavorable balance of trade.



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