Lyle M. Dabb

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Master of Science (MS)


Plants, Soils, and Climate


Jerome J. Jurinak


The carbonate saturometer method developed by Weyl (1961) was studied in respect to the effect of several variables on the solubility of carbonates. The solubility of three solid carbonate materials was measured in four different salt solutions, at four ionic strengths, and at two different temperatures . The solids studied included: calcite, dolomite, and a calcareous soil.

It was found that the three solid carbonate materials varied in solubility from a low in the soil carbonates to a high in dolomite.

Increasing the ionic strength of the solution increased the solubility of most of the solid carbonate materials.

By decreasing the temperature, the solubility was increased.

When S04- was present in solution, the solubility of both calcium carbonate and dolomite increased. When Mg++ was present in solution the solubility of calcium carbonate was increased more than was the solubility of dolomite.