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Master of Science (MS)


Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

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Business Education

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Ted D. Stoddard


Ted D. Stoddard


Dona Frost


Donald Nellermoe


A sample U. S. Civil Service shorthand test was given to 2,336 students of 66 Utah high school shorthand instructors to determine the efficiency of shorthand students in taking shorthand at 80 words per minute and transcribing it with 95 per cent accuracy. The test was also used to compare shorthand achievement through the use of typewriters in shorthand instruction, the location of the school, the size of class by number of students, and the length of the class period. Test scores were used as the means of comparison.

The test results were coded and punched into cards. These cards were then tabulated by a computer and results were placed in table form for comparison at the .05 level of significance.

Only 4.31 per cent of the students taking the test passed it with 95 per cent accuracy-- .4 per cent of the first -year students and 15.1 per cent of the second-year shorthand students.

The programs of teaching had no effect on the students learning at the first- or second-year levels of instruction. The location of the school had an effect only on the second-year students where students did better in rural schools than in urban schools. The use of typewriters, class size, and class length all ad a significant effect on the students' learning of shorthand according to the test results compared in this study.



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