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Master of Science (MS)


Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education


Frederick S. Berg


Hearing conservation specialists are aware of the need for early identification and diagnosis of impaired hearing. This awareness of need has led to the development of several identification methods in the United States. Public awareness programs designed to inform laymen and professionals of the danger signals of infant hearing impairment currently are coming into focus, both as a separate entity and as part of total identification procedures.

Current public awareness programs regarding infant hearing loss were surveyed in the present study and recommendations on a model awareness program of this type were obtained. Fifty-one hearing conservation specialists participated in the survey. The data from questionnaire returns indicated existence of eighteen programs from among the total respondents. It also shoed strong support for dissemination of pertinent information of hearing loss to the professional and parent populations of the United States. The data further revealed that program direction and finance should primarily be through state health departments with federal governmental assistance.



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