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Master of Science (MS)


Plants, Soils, and Climate


J. J. Jurinak


Three adsorption theories--Langmuir, B.E.T., and Freundlich--were applied to boron interaction with Aiken clay loam and Vernal sandy loam soils to determine which bests describes the system.

Column studies were conducted to obtain constants related to mass fluid flow and fluid dispersion within the column. An inert ion was used to obtain the pore volume and to calculate the fluid dispersion coefficient. These data were used to solve the material balance equation by the explicit numerical method developed by Lai for a digital computer. The output from the computer was a predicted profile boron distribution within the soil column.

The soil columns were undergoing saturated flow and 10 ppm boron solution was introduced at the top and allowed to flow for a specified period of time, at which time the column was segmented and analyzed for boron to obtain the experimental profile boron distribution within the soil column. The experimental and predicted profiles were compared.



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