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Master of Science (MS)



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Von H. Jarrett


Von H. Jarrett


Glenn T. Baird


Dennis Funk


The primary objective of this study was to survey the usefulness of the 4-H members' project manual according to the opinions of members, parents, and adult leaders in Cache County, State of Utah.

Two USU Extension Agents, 140 4-H members, 119 parents, and 30 leaders cooperated in this survey. A separate questionnaire accompanied by a cover letter by the Extension Agents and a letter of explanation by the author was sent to each person in the three categories mentioned. Questionnaires were mailed to 200 4-H male members, 190 parents and 46 adult leaders. Evaluation of the usefulness of the manuals was made in three age groups: 9-12 years old, 13-16 years old, and 17-19 years old.

It was generally agreed by member, parent, and leader respondents that the age group 9-12 years old made the most use of the manuals. About 56 percent of the members indicated that a project could not be done without the manual; nearly 50 percent of the parents indicated that their children could not do a project without the manual; and slightly more than half of the leaders indicated that they could not conduct a satisfactory project without members having manuals. About four-fifths of all parents expressed their willingness to pay a minimal fee for their children to obtain manuals while three-fifths of the leaders thought that the parents would be willing to pay a minimal fee for manuals for their children.