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Master of Science (MS)


Kinesiology and Health Science

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Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

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Lincoln H. McClellan


Lincoln H. McClellan


Eldon Drake


Dale Rasmussen


The questionnaire technique was used to gather the desired information for this study. A total of 450 teachers from large and small secondary schools served as subjects. An analysis of the opinions of these teachers indicated that a favorable attitude existed toward physical education in general. It was noted, however, that many were of the opinion that the programs in physical education were functioning at less than their potential. Responses also indicated a favorable attitude of the teachers toward physical educators. The most favorable opinion toward both physical education and the physical educator was recorded by the junior high female teachers from the small schools, while the senior high male teachers from small schools expressed the least favorable opinion in both areas. There was no significant difference in the opinions of male and female teachers, or in the opinions of the teachers of the small or large schools, regarding physical education or physical educators. A significant difference of opinion was noted between teachers of junior high schools and senior high schools in regard to both physical education and physical educators. A strong relationship was shown to exist between the opinions toward physical education and these toward physical educators for all teachers participating in this study.