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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Jerald E. Christiansen


Jay M. Bagley


This study was made to prepare a mean annual water budget of the Bear River Delta, Utah and to determine the average annual outflow from the area into the Great Salt Lake. Solution of the hydrologic continuity equation was the analytical method used in determining the budget. Outflow to the lake was obtained as the residual between all items of inflow and other items of outflow. Three budgets were made using different techniques of estimating some of the items in the equation in order to serve as comparison checks on the final value of outflow to the lake. The time base period for the three budgets was the 25 year period 1939 to 1963. The average annual outflow to the Great Salt Lake was estimated to be between 863, 000 and 1, 097, 000 acre feet.