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Master of Science (MS)


Health, Physical Education, and Recreation


Lincoln McClellan


The opinions of male students at Logan Junior High School and their parents were analyzed to determine attitudes toward physical education and the existing physical education program at the school. The data was obtained by the use of a questionnaire given to 458 boys and their parents.

Students of all three grades and the parents of all three classes indicated a positive attitude toward physical education and also toward the existing physical education program at Logan Junior High School. Ninth-graders showed the most favorable attitude of the student groups toward physical education. Parents of eighth-graders were the strongest supporters from the parent groups. The most favorable attitude toward the existing program from the students was accumulated by the ninth-grade boys, and the parents of seventh graders were the strongest supporters among the three parent groups. In addition, each of the six groups was overwhelmingly in favor of the intramural program.

Basketball, flag football, and European handball were the three most liked activities. Calisthenics, relays, and Color Achievement were the least liked activities.