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Master of Science (MS)


Family Consumer Human Development

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Marie Krueger


Marie Krueger


Dr. Drake


Mrs. Clayton


The purpose of this paper is to evaluate a clothing construction waiver test at Utah State University so it can become a better predictor of student past experience and future performance. The original test and a revised test, written by the investigator, were used as the instrument. The subjects included two groups of students --those who had taken the Basic Clothing Construction Course at Utah State University and those who had not taken the course. The results indicate that there is a difference between the knowledge of the students who have and have not taken the course. lt was also indicated that those students who waived the course had knowledge similar to those students who had taken the course and which those students who had not taken the course lacked. It was found that there was a positive correlation between number of years of junior high and high school clothing construction experience and test scores. The correlation between 4-H club clothing experience and test scores was not found to be significant. An item-analysis of the test revealed that many items were poor discriminators. The test was found to be quite reliable. Further evaluation and revision of the test is needed.