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Master of Science (MS)


Health, Physical Education, and Recreation


Janice Pearce


This study determined opinions of s elected eleventh grade high school girls and physical education teachers concerning intramural and interschool sports competition. The high school s in the study were randomly selected from the nine school districts located in the Wasatch Front Area of Utah.

The study revealed that girls end physic'31 education teachers in high schools in the Wasatch Front Area showed a significant interest in intramural and interschool competition for girls. The girls listed tennis as their first choice of sports that should be included in bath programs, followed by volleyball and swimming. Both students and teachers felt interschool competition should be offered on a district, regional and state basis.

A majority of girls and teachers expressed the opinion that women physical education teachers should coach interschool sports teams. Girls did not want interschool competition at the expense of intramural competition.