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Master of Science (MS)


Wildland Resources

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J. S. Stanford


J. S. Stanford


The establishment of the Bear River Bay Bird Refuge has created for the state of Utah an immense and valuable biological field, a veritable paradise for naturalist and sportsman alike. The naturalist wants a place to study wild life and the sportsman desires game. With the proper control of open seasons on wild fowl the hunting instinct and incentive for the sport should be satisfied for the sportsman. To the naturalist this region will open up bountiful treasures of knowledge that is to be gained only by intense and prolonged scientific study.

Within this new field, and the limited time alloted, the writer has attempted to give an introduction and a suggestive bases for a detailed and more technical course of study to follow.

Here-in is given a brief history and development of the bay; as complete a record as possible of all birds known to visit the refuge; a description of the plumages of the various aquatic birds, their distribution and food supply; the summation of information and knowledge as to the conditions contributing to and causes of the duck sickness.



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