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Master of Science (MS)




Ronald R. Olsen


The purpose of this thesis is t o describe the occurrences, interrelationships, and possible origin of the metallic mineral deposits of the Bear River Range. In this study, 21 mineral deposits containing minerals of lead, iron, copper, manganese, and zinc with quartz and carbonate gangue minerals, are described and classified as low temperature epigenetic hydrothermal deposits. The deposits predominantly occur in Cambrian limestone and dolomite formations located below formations with a high shale content. The deposition occurred as fracture filling and replacement along fractures associated with Teritary Basin and Range normal faults and joints which generally trend northerly in the range. No zoning of the deposits was observed. No obvious source for the mineralizing solutions was observed; however, the presence of iron and magnesium minerals in all of the deposits may suggest the possibility of a metamorphic origin. The deposits are dated as post-Eocene.

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