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Keith T. Checketts


Keith T. Checketts


Michael R. Bertoch


David Stone


The ACT automated admissions system was adopted by t he Colleges and Universities in the Utah system of higher education in 1974. The automated admission system was conceived at a time when College enrollment al l over the United States was decreasing, and thus was viewed by its proponents as a positive step in alleviating some of the articulation problems between post secondary institutions, high school counselors and prospective students.

Educators who developed the program felt that it would be an advantage to prospective students by providing an admissions decision shortly after the ACT was taken. Automated admissions appears to be an advantage to high school counselors because i t eliminates the need for a high school transcript in the admissions process, and because it reduces the amount of time the counselor is involved in the mechanics of the admissions process.

This study represents an effort to determine the impact of the Automated Admissions system on the high school counselor and on prospective college students.

The results of this study indicate that a significant number of Utah high school counselors favor the Automated Admissions system as opposed to "traditional" admissions systems formerly in use, because of the reduction in clerical work required of the counselor.



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