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Master of Science (MS)


Applied Economics

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Herbert Fullerton


The primary objective of this study was to set development policies applicable for the high Andean valleys of Tuname and Burbusay (Venezuela) ; and secondly to develop a quick and inexpensive way to assess development prospects of high Andean valleys similar to the ones studied here.

The methodology employed was to classify various agricultural regions with specific development phases using the Thorbecke's classification and policy scheme. Production functions were estimated, fitted and analyzed to determine the parameters pertinent to such a classification for the two valleys where data was available.

The analyses and classifications permitted a limited enumeration of policies for the valleys that could logically be expected to bring economic development. However, the study fell short of devising a quick and inexpensive method to assess developmental prospects of similar areas, which would not require some additional data collection and further refinement of the evaluation methodology.