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Doctor of Education (EdD)


School of Teacher Education and Leadership

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Educational Administration

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Robert A. Wininger


Robert A. Wininger


Charles O. Ryan


Bryce E. Adkins


The growth of Independent Study divisions of the state-supported educational institutions of the area covered by the states of Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Wyoming, and the increasing demands for the establishment of new curricular offerings, coupled with these states' limited financial resources, make the exploration of possible cooperative offerings a rather crucial necessity.

The purpose of this study was to develop and appraise the climate for developing a consortium of the Independent Study divisions of Utah State University, University of Utah, University of Nevada, University of Idaho, and University of Wyoming. A systematic sequence of approach for accomplishing the stated objectives was developed and prospective problems faced in the implementation of the proposed model were identified.

The possibilities of developing the above mentioned consortium were explored through the following sequential approach:

Step 1. Conduct a review of related literature, with special emphasis on the processes involved in the development of consortia.

Step 2. Informally disseminate the objectives of the study among potential participants and, then, appraise their reactions.

Step 3. Conduct a thorough feasibility study through individual exploratory interviews with the potential participants.

Step 4. Extract and channel the expressed desires of the potential participants into a systematic approach to consortium development.

Step 5. Obtain feedback on the proposed systematic approach and recommendations.