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Master of Science (MS)


Wildland Resources


William F. Sigler


Measurements were made of the water chemistry the distribution and relative abundance of net-plankton and the reproduction age and growth and food habits of largemouth bass in Newton Reservoir, Newton, Utah. Samples for chemical analysis were collected weekly from three sites and from several depths at each site. Plankton collections were made on a monthly basis. Data were compared with data in the literature and analyzed for possible ecological implications. Physical and chemical investigations of the water indicated favorable conditions for a warmwater fishery. The study of the surface net-plankton revealed a predominance of blue-green algae. The substratum of the littoral zone is characterized by material that has favored successful largemouth bass reproduction. Two and three year olds were dominant in the catch during the study. Growth in the reservoir was comparable to average rates of other studies. Analysis of stomach contents of largemouth bass revealed that they are largely c

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