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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

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Business Education

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Lloyd W. Bartholome


Lloyd W. Bartholome


The purpose of this study was to compare the relative effectiveness of teaching intermediate typewriting at Utah State University during the Spring and Fall Quarters, 1971, utilizing a system incorporating prepared video tapes with the conventional teacher presentation method.

There were 60 experimental and 60 control students used in the experiment. Those students in the experimental group received all their instruction via prepared video tapes while the control group received all their instruction in the conventional teacher presentation.

The final measure utilized for comparing learning programs in the two groups was student performance in the following areas: straight copy timed writings gross words per minute and rate of accuracy, manuscript typing total gross words and rate of accuracy , letter typing total gross words and rate of accuracy, and statistical tabulation typing total gross words and rate of accuracy. Error measurement was based upon error rate rather than absolute errors. There were eight null hypotheses tested at the .05 level of significance.

Since the study employed two groups of students who did not have pre-experimental sampling equivalence, scores were obtained for every student on pre and posttesting in the four major areas. These test scores were then used in the analysis of covariance technique because the groups available were intact or administratively organized groups within the University.

The tests were developed by the author and were correlated with those commonly used to measure achievement in typewriting. A correlation coefficient using the Pearson "r" was used to determine test validity and reliability. The tests contained the same syllable intensity (1. 5) and approximate word length. The pretests were administered at the beginning of each quarter while the posttests were given during each quarter at the end of each unit of instruction.

The Experimental group achieved higher than the Control group during the Fall Quarter in letter typing total gross words and during the Combined Quarters in statistical tabulation total gross words. The Experimental group achieved a more significant amount of errors during the Fall and Combined Quarters in straight copy timed writings. However, as the result of confusion with the posttesting in this area, these results may not be a true measurement of the students. In all other areas of testing there was no significant difference. In analyzing the accuracy data further, the error rate ranged from a low of .019 to a high of .036. The difficulty of the test copy had very little effect upon the rate of accuracy.

The students in the Experimental group answering an evaluation form pertaining to video instruction, gave high approval to the use of prepared video tapes as a medium of instruction.