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Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

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Jerry Fuhriman


Jerry Fuhriman


Larry Wegkamp


The purpose of this thesis was to determine the criteria necessary for an analysis of site suitability for locating a marina at Bear Lake. Once criteria were defined and pertinent resource factors collected, a method to analyze the criteria was utilized to aid in the selection of the best site for locating this marina. Various methods to analyze site suitability were evaluated and the pros and cons of the chosen approach, a cluster analysis of existing resource transect data with hypothetical transect criteria, were discussed. Based on this study, no optimum sites were located at Bear Lake for a marina facility. However, it was concluded that transect number 3, near Garden City, is the most acceptable area for the development of a marina. It was also concluded that other areas of Bear Lake's shore zone are very sensitive and in order to protect the shore zone environment and water quality of Bear Lake, strict planning and development guidance needs to be generated and enforced for the Bear Lake shore zone.