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Master of Arts (MA)




Max F. Dalby


The purpose of this study was to determine if there were an,y differences between what Utah high school band teachers perceive as important skills, activities, behaviors, knowledge, and concepts in the context of the rehearsal and their assessment of the degree to which these i terns ·were applied during the rehearsal period.

A survey questionnaire listing twenty band rehearsal instructional items was used to obtain the data. Sixty-one percent of the sample responded to the survey. The sample included all high school band teachers in the state of Utah.

A correlation coefficient was computed between respondent's ratings of the validity of the instructional item to the band rehearsal and the degree to which the respondents applied that item in their rehearsals.

There was a positive correlation between these ratings for all twenty items. Some items, however, had a lower correlation coefficient than others showing a lesser degree of congruency between opinion of validity and application.