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Master of Science (MS)


Applied Sciences, Technology, and Education

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Business Education

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Edward Houghton


Edward Houghton


Glen Martson


Lloyd Bartholome


The 1969 through 1976 graduating classes of the business education program at Utah State University were surveyed in this study. The questionnaire was designed to ascertain the work experience of the graduates, the educational status of the graduates, and the value the graduates place on the courses contained in the business education program according to the occupations of the graduates.

Graduates are employed in a large variety of occupations, and the majority of the graduates hold teaching certificates. The majority of the graduates have not completed advanced degrees, and are undecided as to whether or not they will continue their education.

In all but five courses, the graduates' occupations were found to be unrelated to their response concerning the value of a course when the Chi Square Test was applied. The courses in which a significant difference at the .05 level of significance was found were: (1) methods of teaching typewriting, (2) methods of teaching shorthand, (3) economics I, (4) office practice, and (5) office management.

The majority of the graduates indicated their preparation was "excellent" or "good". The members of the department of Business Education were listed as the greatest strength of the program by the graduates.