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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology


Wade H. Andrews


Several problems have arisen in recent years as the Bear Lake Area of Utah and Idaho has rapidly changed from an agricultural center to a recreation center. Some of these problems have included increased pollution of the lake, rising taxes damages through fluctuations in the level of the lake, and increased crime and traffic problems. The hypotheses of this study basically stated that changing land and water uses 1) disrupt the status quo of existing social systems and that incompatible values held by different vested interest groups associated with these resources will serve as a potential source of conflict and 2) will result in a change in the community power structure (i.e. the local community power structure will change from a monistic to a pluralistic power structure). To test the hypotheses, all elected or appointed community leaders living within six miles of Bear Lake were personally interviewed, and a mailed questionnaire was sent to a random sample of 462 owners of propert



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