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Master of Arts (MA)




Ross R. Allen


The purpose of this study was to assess the opinions of Utah State University music graduates regarding (a) the effectiveness of their training at Utah State University and (b) the applicability of the current music and secondary education department objectives to the graduates own teaching situations. An additional objective was to compare teaching assignments of the graduates.

A survey questionnaire was utilized to obtain the data and a return of 85% of the accessible sample was achieved. The sample included all music graduates of Utah State University from 1970- 1977.

Based on the graduates responses three recommendations were made: (l) more electives and less requirements should be established in the music education degree program, (2) the course content in music education courses should be centered around the secondary classroom, rather than at the higher education level and (3) students should be encouraged to enroll in the professional education sequence earlier in their program of study.

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