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Master of Science (MS)


Plants, Soils, and Climate

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David R. Walker


David R. Walker


Herman H. Wiebe


LaMar A. Anderson


The influence of different concentrations of a film- forming antitranspirant (Wilt-Pruf ) on the transpiration rate of young apple trees (Ml06) was studied. One-year-old Mailing 106 trees were potted in 10.2 em (4 inch) metal pots. The plants were placed in a controlled environmental chamber during the study period. Sufficient reductions in water loss resulted with all concentrations of Wilt- Pruf with a 63 percent reduction at the highest concentration. Phytotoxicity was not observed though the higher concentrations imparted a sticky film to plants and they appeared to be lighter green at the end of the test. The effect of Wilt-Pruf on four-year old apple trees (Golden Delicious) was conducted in August 1977 at Utah State University Experimental Farm i n Farmington, Utah. The resistance to water vapor diffusion from the leaves was increased on both Wilt-Pruf treated irrigated and unirrigated trees, and water balance was improved, increasing leaf and stern water potential. The improved water balance of treated apple trees resulted in fruit size increase . The higher concentration of antitranspirant in both irrigated and unirrigated apple trees resulted in a higher leaf temperature than the irrigated control.



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