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Master of Science (MS)


Plants, Soils, and Climate


Gaylen L. Ashcroft


In Venezuela rainfall-induced crust is the main problem in obtaining adequate stands of sesame (Sesamwn indicum L.) The effectiveness of seven commercially available soil conditioners to prevent soil crusting and their influence on sesame seedling emergence was tested on Parlo silt loam. The chemicals were sprayed on the soil surface at different rates and dilutions . The rates were established to give about the same treatment cost.

Two chemica 1 s: a polyviny 1 aJ cohol (El vanol 71-30) and an anionic asphalt emulsion (Humofina B-2864) gave the greatest increase in sesame seedling emergence. Thereafter, the two chemicals were tested on two Utah soils (Parlo silt loam and Nib l ey silty c l ay loam) and four Venezuelan soils. Three of the Venezuelan soils (Turen silt loam , Nontilled Turen silt loam, and Agua Blanca si lty clay l oam) were sampled in areas actually being used for sesame production, but with problems of soil crusting. TI1e fourth Venezuelan soil (Guanipa sand) was collected in an area where sesame has recently been introduced.



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