Dee B. Thomas

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Master of Science (MS)


Watershed Sciences


George B. Coltharp


Soil surface treatments consisting of gully plugs and contour furrows were constructed as a means of reducing erosion and holding sediment on site.

To measure the effectiveness of the gully plugs and furrows, angle iron stakes and profile transects were installed to measure soils loss and accompanying change in the soil profile. The profile transects gave a reliable measure of the change in the height of the soil surface in constructed pits and across contour furrows. Because of the shrinking and swelling of the soil, the change in height of the angle iron stakes was found to be much more than the reduction in soil surface caused by erosion.

High intensity thunderstorms, occuring mostly during July, August, and September, cause most of the erosion from the semi-arid land.

The gully plugs and contour furrows were effective in holding runoff and sediment on site, but the life expectancy of the treatments is only about fifteen years.

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