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Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

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Craig Johnson


Craig Johnson


During 1973 a series of land use planning workshops for local officials and interested citizens was held in the multi-county planning districts of the state of Utah. The workshops were based on a planning process which had been used in Wasatch County, Utah, to develop the Heber Valley Plan. The emphasis of this process and of the workshops was the involvement of the citizens of the community in the planning process and the use of natural resource information as an additional basis for making planning decisions.

The evaluation includes a description of significant results of the Heber Valley Plan, events leading to a series of workshops, a typical workshop program, and activities which followed the workshops.

A questionnaire was sent to a sample of workshop participants in order to assess the response to the program. A content analysis was made of written comments on the returned questionnaires. A rating sheet was also prepared for use in evaluating or preparing educational literature for land use planning.

Results showed the workshops to be successful in creating awareness of the need for community input and the uses of natural resource information. They were less successful in providing "how to do it" type information.

Included in the Appendix are A Workbook on Land Use Planning, prepared specifically for these workshops, and The Heber Valley Story, also distributed at the workshops.