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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Economics and Finance


Terrence Glover


Three macroeconomic issues are examined in separate self-contained studies. The first study tests the business cycle theory with application of an enhanced Augmented Dickey-Fuller test on the U.S. time series of real gross national product. Unlike previous studies, the null hypothesis of a unit root is rejected. The second study tests for IS-LM conditions in the U.S. during the post-Bretton Woods era by combining the Johansen's approach to cointegration with bootstrap algorithms. The estimated model produces a dynamic version of the IS-LM that permits short-term evaluations of fiscal and monetary policies. The third study seeks to explain the observed persistence in the Bolivan dollarization process. It is found that dollarization is now an irreversible process, with the Bolivian economy in transition toward equalization with U.S. prices and interest rates.

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