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Master of Science (MS)


Plants, Soils, and Climate


R. J. Hanks


The purpose of this thesis was to compare the tensiometer and climatic methods of scheduling irrigation of potatoes under field conditions. Tensiometers were placed in a 160 acre field to maintain the crop within the optimum moisture range and schedule irrigations. An automatic solid set system was used to apply water to the potato crop. Instrumentation was used to determine daily input for the climatological method. Daily evapotranspiration (Et) was computed and Et (tensiometer) was comPared with Et (climatic). The results showed total variation of the climatic method from the tensiometer method of .62 inches or less than 5 per cent. The study indicated that the climatological method would have under irrigated the potato crop by . 62 inches during the 48 day study. Variations are also shown for each irrigation interval. Results indicated that a combination of both methods would allow the most feasible approach to scheduling irrigation of potatoes.

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