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Economics and Finance

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Evan B. Murray


Evan B. Murray


The basic problem confronting the dairy industry today is one of utilizing its total fluid milk production. During recent years the industry has witnessed a general decrease in per capita consumption of dairy products while per capita production has remained fairly constant and in amounts approximating the average for the past 16 years (Table 2 ). As a result the dairy industry has produced a surplus of fluid milk and manufactured dairy products. The Federal Government, under its price support program, has been the ultimate recipient of these surpluses and now possesses huge warehouse stocks. The cost to the Federal Government and to the taxpayer has been great, resulting in an intense desire by both the Federal Government and the dairy industry to take steps to alleviate this condition. The following study is undertaken with the hope that the findings from it may provide the dairy industry with information which, in some small way, may contribute a partial solution to this problem.



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